It is a manufacturer that allows Chemical Japan Ltd. to offer it from the garbage bag to the bag with the zipper to "It is beautiful", "It is easy to use it", and "Reasonable".



President & Chief Executive Officer Takeda Kazuhiro

Chemical Japan Co., Ltd. has embarked on its 23rd year business from this May since the establishment in 1990 with the full support of Sekisui Chemical Group’s firm.
We have been fully appreciated your generosity and support for the past 22 years.

Now we have an important notice to our customers.
We are to inform you that on the 8th of August in 2011 our head office was moved to
Nakanosakaue from Koenji ,where we had gotten used to working in for a long time .

Since the establishment we have not changed our telephone number for the convenience of our customers. As you well know, however, the Great East Japan Earthquake, which occurred on 11 this March, caused some damages to the base and the elevator of our office building. The damage had become so serious by the aftershocks that it caused our staff to get disturbed and to endanger the safety of the electric calculators.
I myself felt for the first time in my life that the earthquake might cause fatal damage to my life.
I fear, if that should happen it would give trouble to our customers as well as our staff.
I, therefore, made a final decision to move our head office to the third floor in a high-rise building
(27 stories) near the intersection of Nakanosakaue. Because of this, I must notify you that our telephone and fax numbers have been changed (the toll free number has remained the same).

In this new office we have all decided to turn a new leaf and work with sincerity.
We are planning to introduce new products in succession , which we have been developing for a long period.
We strongly believe that they will live up to your expectations.

Last but not least,
we sincerely hope that we will solicit you more for continued patronage in the future.